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Questionnaire about Sanskrit studies

Dear Indologist

You are perhaps aware that the govt. of India has declared this year (Yugaabda 5101) as Samskrta Varsha. The Samskrta varsha Samitee at Pune has planned a number of programmes in the wake of this announcement. One of the programmes is the organization of an International Meet some time in December 1999 or January 2000. The main topic of the meet will obviously be Sanskrit studies : present and future. As the working president of the Samitee I invite you to participate in the meet, take part in the discussions and present your views . As a preparation for the meet I am collecting information from the world of Indology regarding the present position of Sanskrit studies. I will, therefore, be grateful if you reply the following questions and email or airmail them back to me.

If you wish to answer all questions in Sanskrit you are most welcome to send your answer by post : That will enable me to collect the statistics of Sanskrit -writing - speaking Indologists in the world.

Here is the questionaire

[Please cut and paste this questionnaire into your email program, and send the result to

Prof. Saroja Bhate [].


1. Names with addresses of the places where Sanskrit is being studied and taught.

2. nature of the study : a) Curricular

b) Extracurricular

c) Curricular :

i Names of the courses (diploma/degree etc.) of which Sanskrit forms a part :

Linguistics/Religious studies/Philosophy/ Indian Studies/ Yoga/ Ayurveda/ Computer studies/ Anthhropology/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ History/ Archaeology/ Psychology/ other.

ii Appr. Number of students of Sanskrit in different Courses.

iii Appr. Number of teachers and their names.

iv Names of Sanskrit oriented Research projects and their current status.

V Names of Sanskrit texts being taught in different courses - Ràmàyana/Mahàbhàrata/Kàlidàsa works/ Pàõini/ Pa¤catantra/ Nyàyasåtrabhàùya/øàabarabhàùya/Kiratarjuniya/Bhàsa/Manusmçti/Bhartçhari/other.

b : Extracurricular

Interest in Sanskrit is created because of the following : spiritual pursuit/interest in yoga/interest in ayurveda/ It is believed that Sanskrit scientific works in grammar, nyaya and meemaamsaa can contribute to higher studies in Artificial Intellligence/ The inherent beauty of the language and its literature/acaquiring new horizons in career (Madonna, for instance)/love for and interest in India./

Here are some questions to you :

1. Are you happy with the present state of Sanskrit studies ?

2. In which areas of study should the study of Sanskrit be made compulsory - Linguistics/Philosophy/Religious studies/ other

3. In which areas do you think Sanskrit studies are still stronger ? Philosophy/Literature/text -critical studies/comparative religion/or Mythology/ grammar/philosophy/ Vedic studies/

4. Do you think Sanskrit study should be encouraged because

a) it is indispensable for students of Linguistics,Philosophy, religion, yoga,ayurveda etc.

b) it is such a beautiful language with a rich treasure of literature much which is yet to be brought to light

c) it is necessary for better understanding of and better diplomatic relations with India which is an emerging power in Asia

d) it may help easier entry into Indian market

e) There is still lot of scope for higher studies in diverse areas.

f) The study can contribute to the solution of issues of global interest such as ecology and human relations

g) some achievements of the ancient Indians may have modern relevance of a world-wide character, yoga and Ayurveda for instance.

h) In Sanskrit literature we may find solutions to some of the fundamental problems faced by the humanity today for instance, the value crisis.

5 ) In order to give proper directions to future studies in Sanskrit would you like to suggest some projects which Sanskrit students should undertake ?

6) Would you like to make suggestions to the prospective Indian Indologists for a fruitful and solid contribution to Indology and Sanskrit studies.

7) Any other additional information/ observation /comment is most welcome.

I will be grateful if you send your replies to all the questions raised in the questionnaire .I will be more happy to get the replies in Sanskrit.

Thanking you in advance

Sincerely yours

( Saroja Bhate )

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