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University of Washington Libraries International Inter-Library Loan

The University of Washington Libraries in Seattle have strong holdings in indological subjects, so it is of special interest that they have a policy for loaning materials from their circulating collections to libraries even outside America.

The message below, from Irene Joshi, gives details. The UW libraries catalogue is also available here through the INDOLOGY web page.

Date: Fri,  6 Oct 1995 20:52:44 BST
From: Irene Joshi
To: Members of the list
Subject: Overseas loans

This is in response to a query by Allen Thrasher regarding US
libraries loaning overseas. The University of Washington Libraries,
Seattle which owns an important collection of South Asian materials
does, through its Resource Sharing Program, loan material from its
circulating collections to libraries overseas.  In addition to the
usual fees, all material is shipped airmail which adds to the
costs. Our catalog is available through the South Asia Gopher (Clioplus etc.).

For further information on loans please contact Resource Sharing
206-685-8049 or

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